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    loading Metra AS-P-603W

    (Power Bars - Power Centers)

    Protect equipment and control powered devices from the palm of your hand with the Helios smart power solution. This robust surge protector and power conditioner allows the user to turn electronics plugged into the digitally controlled outlets on and off and create schedules from the free mobile app. This robust surge protector can be trusted to prevent electrical damage to the most sensitive and expensive home theater equipment, while conditioning the power going to the connected devices or lines. The mobile app is also very user-friendly and easy to use when a simple on/off command is desired, also allowing for on/off scheduling. No hub is required and the interface is intuitive, without the need for overly complex programming to create a remote control system.

    The Helios AS-P-603W power strip features a total of 9 AC outlets with 4 switched rear outlets, 1 easy-access always-on front outlet, 4 “smart” outlets controlled via the free mobile app, and 2 USB ports of USB A & USB C for portable device charging. This solution has overload protection and also protects equipment from a power surge of up to 2,160 joules. It has a 120volt/15A rating and 65dB EMI/RMI noise filtration to condition the power going to connected devices or lines. For cabling, it provides 2 pairs of coaxial connections and is rack-mountable. An LED display shows the voltage and a remote 12v DC trigger is included to control the switched outlets. This UL approved power strip has an 8ft cord, durable metal housing and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.



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