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Cut The Cord
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Why Cut the Cord?

If Angelo didn't convince you, here are a few more reasons:

  • All you need is an antenna!
  • Get over 100 FREE TV channels!
  • No monthly charges - ever!
  • Save thousands of dollars!
  • Superior picture quality!
  • Get all the major networks!
  • Many HD Channels!
  • Affordable DVR options!
  • DIY kits starting at $39.99
  • Install services available!
  • Wide coverage area!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

General Questions

What is Cord-Cutting?

Cord-cutting is the industry term that refers to viewers that have cancelled their paid cable or satellite TV service in exchange for FREE over-the-air, broadcast television received with an antenna (similar to broadcast radio)and often combine low-cost streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu and others and/or free streaming services like YouTube.

Are there any monthly fees associated with my service?

There are NEVER any monthly fees associated with broadcast TV service. Think of Broadcast TV is to Cable & Satellite as Radio is to XM & Sirius.  The broadcast is free and all you pay for is the one time cost for the antenna and installation fee.

What channels, networks and shows do I get with Free TV?

Free over-the-air broadcast TV offers a wide variety of television networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, and more! A full list and description of the broadcast channels available in your area can be found on our Channel Guide page. Search for your favorite show or see what’s on by visiting our interactive online TV Guide.

Do I have to get rid of my cable or Satellite TV?

No, absolutely not. If you’re not certain that Free TV is for you or if you just can’t go without your favorite cable networks – no problem! Your antenna can be installed along with your cable or satellite service, thereby expanding your viewing options!

Is there a difference between ‘cable networks’ and ‘broadcast networks’?

Yes. Cable networks such as Fox News, ESPN, USA Network, TBS, HGTV, Discovery Channel, and the Disney Channel will typically not be found on Free TV. On the flip side, many free broadcast TV networks such as, Buzzr TV, Justice Network, and Newsmax, may not be found on cable and satellite.

What if I still want my favorite network like the Golf Chanel or ESPN?

Free TV offers a wide variety of sports programming on major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, as well as, dedicated broadcast sports networks such as Tuff TV and Untamed Sports. However, the Golf Channel and ESPN are cable/satellite sports networks that are not available on Free TV, but may be viewed using their respective streaming apps when using a streaming media player.

What exactly is Broadcast TV vs. Cable or Satellite?

While broadcast, cable, and satellite TV all operate by receiving digital audio/video signals via satellite, broadcast television is transmitted free over-the-air, whereas cable and satellite are paid services. Cable and satellite enjoyed much growth in the 1980s and 1990s as they offered unique paid cable/satellite TV networks that were not available on broadcast television. After the 2009 digital conversion, all broadcasters and program creators were required to switch to digital broadcasts (vs analog) to free up much need bandwidth to accommodate the growing mobile phone industry. Broadcasters began to see opportunities for growth by offering new networks on multiple digital sub-channels in the place of one analog channel. For example, a broadcaster can now offer ABC on channel 5 (5.1), Livewell Network on channel 5.2, Create Network on 5.3, and so on. This revolution in television has given way to all new television networks that are being launched all around the country and far more FREE TV program options than ever before! Check out our Channel Guide and TV Guide pages to see what’s available in the Fresno/Clovis area!

If I have streaming TV like Hulu or Netflix, will the antenna affect anything?

Not at all! As a matter of fact, studies have found that most Free TV viewers also watch their favorite movies, documentaries, and series via streaming media. If you’re a streaming media fan, then you’re already half-way there to becoming a full-fledged cord-cutter!

Can I use a DVR with my new antenna?

IIf you are currently leasing/renting your DVR from you cable/satellite provider, unless you are able back your recordings to an external drive, you will most likely lose all your content when you return the devise to your cable or satellite TV provider. If you own your DVR and purchased it to record cable and satellite programs, you may be able keep it and use it to play back your recordings. Most cable/satellite DVRs are not capable of recording broadcast signals, therefore you will need to purchase a DVR that is designed for recording broadcast TV signals. Many DVRs, such as the DVR+ by Channel Master allow you to connect an external hard-drive, thereby offering you virtually unlimited storage capacity. When compared with the rental cost and pro/cons of cable/satellite DVRs, broadcast DVRs such as the DVR+ offer viewers a much more affordable and long-term solution to recording your favorite Free TV programming!

Installation Questions

How much does it cost to install an antenna?

The cost to install an antenna at you home varies based on your location, number of rooms, number of floors, if attic install is required, and hardware required to achieve optimal signal. In general, the starting cost to install an antenna in the Fresno/Clovis area is around $70 and goes up from there based on the criteria mentioned above. Since homes and installation needs differ from one viewer to another, it’s best that you contact us using the form on this page to get accurate pricing.

Is there a different cost for installation at a commercial facility or business?

No. Installation pricing is based on your location, number of rooms, number of floors, if attic install is required, and hardware required to achieve optimal signal. In general, the starting cost to install an antenna in the Fresno/Clovis area is around $70 and goes up from there based on the criteria mentioned above. Since homes and installation needs differ from one viewer to another, it’s best that you contact us using the form on this page to get accurate pricing.

Will my old TV work with an antenna or do I need a new one?

Yes! If you own a TV that was manufactured without a built-in digital tuner (pre 2009 era TVs), you will need to connect a ‘Digital Converter Box’ to which your antenna will connect. This will convert the newer digital broadcast to an analog signal, which is required by older TVs. Affordable and reliable digital converter boxes can be purchased for around $40-50. TVs built after 2009 have built-in digital tuners and do not require any additional devices to connect an antenna.

How does the antenna installation process work?

The installation process begins when you call us toll free at (800) 717-1306. A representative will qualify you after asking series of question and provide you with an estimate of the installation cost and installation date. Should the installer run into any unforeseen circumstances or if additional installation requests are made (i.e. mounting TV, additional room added, etc.) at the time of installation, the customer will then be billed accordingly after their approval. Once the antenna has been installed, our installers will configure your TV(s) to receive Free TV and review any steps needed to watch.

If I live in an apartment building, can I still get Free TV?

That all depends on your apartment, condo, or home-owners associations rules. It’s best that you check with your apartment manager first before scheduling an installation. While not all apartments allow this, many more are seeing the value in offering FREE TV to their tenants and taking steps to offer this. If you’re apartment, condo, or home-owners association property does not allow the installation of outdoor antennas, you can still use an indoor antenna, but will most likely not receive all the channels available in your area due to the limited range of indoor antennas. If you’re so bold, you can be the first tell your management about FreeTV and give them our toll free number (800) 717-1306. We’d love to get your complex connected!

Customer Service Questions

Who do I call for customer service?

FreeTVFresno.Com is the Central Valley’s leading authority on free over-the-air broadcast television. While we strive to make our website your #1 source for information on cord-cutting, we understand that sometimes you just want to connect with a real person. So, feel free to reach out to a member of our team by calling toll free (800) 717-1306, chat with us on Facebook.Com/FreeTVFresno, send us Tweet at Twitter.Com/FreeTVFresno, or simply visit our contact page and send us a message! We’re here for you!

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Since Free TV is a free service, we do not offer a Money Back Guarantee. Any installation related issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. FreeTVFresno.Com has been serving the Central Valley since 2011, has installed thousands of antenna across the Central Valley, and has yet to have even ONE viewer request to uninstall their antenna or get their money back.

How do I get started?

Getting started is EASY! Simply fill out the form on this page and representative will contact you within one business day to place your order. If you have more questions or want to get started right today, call toll free (800) 717-1306. Representatives are available Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm.